Russia predicted the defeat in the war with Japan


Photo: Toru Hanai / Reuters

The military capabilities of Japan in the far East is clearly superior to Russia, writes for “Military-industrial courier” doctor of military Sciences, Colonel-General Anatoly Zaitsev.

“On materials of the press, in the far Eastern TVD (theater of military operations — approx. “Of the”) we have 25 submarines, 10 warships ocean marine and coastal zones 32. In Japan, 66 ships, including five destroyers, helicopter carriers with a continuous flight deck and a hangar for aircraft like the F-35B, 18 submarines, of which a third are new. Available seven-rocket, eight landing, 25 mine-sweeping boats, five marine tankers, two command ship, two search-and-rescue ship, one minelayer, three BDK and two small landing, about 180 140 aircraft and helicopters,” — said the expert.

In his opinion, one of the possible scenarios of the Russian-Japanese military conflict is that “Japan, taking advantage of the multiple superiority in manpower and weaponry, does a sudden blow to Sakhalin and the Southern Kuriles”.

“The United States will be in the side, urging Russia not to use nuclear weapons. China is likely to take a neutral stance, but the variant requirements of a certain percentage, the simple failure of Beijing’s territorial claims to Russia, we have not heard,” writes the author.

According to Zaitsev, the conflict will end with the placement on the contested territories of the us military.

In December 2018 The National Interest wrote that currently the Russian Navy, unlike the U.S. Navy and WMSF of the PLA, is actually a fleet of “green water” is the force acting only in coastal waters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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