Russia was accused of illegal trade in the billions


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

The volume of illegal transactions of Russian companies with foreign partners can reach 45 billion dollars a year, according to the report of international non-governmental organization Global Financial Integrity (GFI), which drew RBC.

The authors operated on the data for 2015. According to their calculations, the potential illicit inflows to Russia amounted to 24.6 billion dollars, the outflows of 20.4 billion.

These amounts are obtained through falsification of information in invoices to the Russian importers and exporters in cross-border operations. The main objectives of the machinations of the authors referred to a desire to artificially reduce import tariffs, to launder illegally obtained income or to export capital abroad in circumvention of monetary control.

In the ranking of GFI Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of illegal operations, after China (376,4 billion), Mexico (67 billion) and Poland (47.2 billion).

Earlier it became known that many Western countries that supported anti-Russian sanctions, increased trade with Russia in 2018. Leaders for this indicator are Poland (turnover growth of 37.5 percent), Moldova (31 percent) and Switzerland (30.1 percent).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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