Russian printed leaflets critical of the Governor and lost his job


Photo: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

Employee of the printing house “Junior-Print” in Saint-Petersburg Mikhail Borisov fired after he was allowed to print critical posters with the quote acting Governor Alexander Beglov, reports “Interfax”.

Borisov told the Agency that the opposition movement “Spring” had ordered the production of 48 self-adhesive poster A3 size, and when he did the layout, he sent it to production. It was a real phrase, uttered Beglov about the quality of cleaning the city from snow. “Fontanka” specifies that the sketch was made in the style of “speak correctly” and described several situations in which St. Petersburg fell on the ice.

When the layout was going to press, the printing press came the police and reported that they had received information about the print extremist materials on the enterprise. “A few hours they had spent in the printing, took explanations and confiscated the system blocks ostensibly to check posters on extremism,” – said Borisov. After that, he had a conversation with the chief, who informed him that his actions of the employee caused the company harm and, therefore, dismissed.

St. Petersburg residents have repeatedly complained about uncleared snow on the streets, the activists had brought bags with snow to the door of the beautification Committee. Beglov has promised himself to take up the shovel. In the end, on Saturday sent teachers and officials.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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