Russian teacher staged a “day of truth” and allowed to beat the pupil


Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

Physical education teacher school in Khimki near Moscow sanctioned the beating of a student who was angry her long tying my shoes. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the authorized on the rights of the child in Moscow region Xenia Mironova.

According to her, the teacher insulted the boy when he bent to tie the laces with the flying feet Shoe, and provoked the children beaten. The child was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to the newspaper “Moscow today”, we are talking about school number 22. As told by the father of the victim, in gym class the student fell, and then the teacher said to the children: “Today is the day of the cannibal. Who wants human flesh? They can cut off his leg!”

“All the kids jumped into the van and began to beat. After that, until his head it was impossible to touch, was aching all over,” said the outraged parent. He added that the teacher tried to explain the joke, but the parents intend to obtain forensic results to achieve for her punishment.

The headmistress told the newspaper that the teacher “worked for many years with the senior classes and the first grade is his first year”. After a visit to the school of human rights defenders and the head of Khimki Dmitry Voloshin teacher wrote a letter of resignation.

13 January it was reported that students of the school №27 in Syzran (Samara region) had beaten a teacher to death after she tried to break up a fight two students. “One of the eighth grade students caused the teacher a slap in the face, then the woman fell down and lost consciousness. After this he was joined by two more and began to kick her feet,” a source told a local TV station. The victim asked the police stop check.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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