“Second President” of Venezuela believed in the support of the military


Juan Guidotti: Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters

The military in Venezuela soon move to the opposition. The confidence expressed in an interview with ARD leader of the opposition, Parliament speaker Huang Guido, declared himself interim President of the country. His words leads Tagesschau.

He pointed out that dissatisfaction with what is happening in Venezuela is the same among the civilians and among the military. “75-80 percent of the soldiers live in the same way as the rest of the population: the starving, desperate. Wage is not enough for them to feed their families,” said Guido.

The speaker of the Parliament believes that the military support the opposition and are on her side. At the same time, it recognizes that to do so they are stopped by fear.

In an interview with BBC News, Guido reported that Venezuelan authorities detained 27 sergeants, who decided to show his displeasure, transfers “Russian service Bi-bi-si”.

According to him, in Venezuela it is possible to transfer power peacefully, and for that the military needs to be on his side. The opposition leader added that this transition will occur when the pressure of society universal mobilize and support the world community. In the end, will be organized free elections.

January 21, in Venezuela, protests began against current President Nicolas Maduro. January 23, their background, Guido declared himself interim head of state and called on Maduro to resign. It was supported by the United States, Canada, several Latin American countries, Israel, January 28 — Australia. At the same time, and with it, Belarus, Turkey and several other States supported the legitimacy of the incumbent.

Recently re-elected Maduro stated that the coup attempt are American policies. He also rejected the ultimatum of the European countries, demanded to hold new elections and threatened otherwise to admit, Guido head of state.

In 2018, the economic crisis in Venezuela has been the worst in modern history. Inflation reached 1.3 million percent in annual terms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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