Superstition helped the American three times to hit the jackpot


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A fan of gambling from the U.S. state of Maryland argues that tore three jackpots at a time due to superstition. About it reports UPI.

Male from Baltimore city three times in a row won 50 thousand dollars (3.3 million) in the lottery Bonus Match 5, and received a small reward for other number combinations, increasing the total gain to 151,4 thousand dollars (10 million rubles).

Lucky three times in a row had a combination of five numbers: 2-10-11-25-31. According to him, behind each number is a significant date — birthdays of his loved ones.

The winner sure that it was a superstition forced him to buy several lottery tickets with a particular combination of numbers. “With good people, good things happen”, he added.

The player stated that he plans to share some part of the winnings among family members, and the remaining money postpone for the future.

In August 2018, a resident of the state of new York Mary Wilson (Mary Wilson) said on the lottery ticket to her dream numbers and won a million dollars. She believed that number would bring her luck, and always chose them, when he participated in lotteries.

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