The cheapest Moscow apartment found in Vykhino


Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

The cheapest apartment from the number offered for rent in Moscow in January 2019 located near the metro station “Vykhino”. This is stated in the materials of Agency of real estate “MIEL-hire”, submitted on Tuesday, January 29, in edition”.ru”.

Housing with an area of 38 square meters with 11-foot kitchen can be rented for 21 thousand rubles a month, notes the company, stating that the property is located on the third floor of 12-storey building. The apartment has all necessary for living furniture and appliances.

The three most cheap apartments in the capital included two “odnushki”. One of them is located near the metro station “Shipilovskaya” on the eighth floor of a 14 storey building. Area — 40 square meters for rent for 25 thousand rubles a month. The second apartment is located a 15-minute transport from the metro station “October field.” It has an area of 30 square meters, the requested rental rate is 26 thousand rubles per month.

Earlier data for your market research, capital lease shared by the experts of the Agency “INKOM-real Estate”. The company found that at least 20 percent of apartments offered for rent in the capital, in need of cosmetic repairs, and another 10 percent is dilapidated or heavily damaged apartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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