The Creator of the super-recognized missile and Ukraine’s success


Archived fotofoto: Ukroboronprom

Ukraine is able to develop missile weapons, said “Military-industrial courier”, the General Director of Corporation “Tactical missiles” (tactical missiles Corporation) Boris Obnosov.

The Manager, answering the question of whether the Ukraine to compete with Russian manufacturer anti-ship missiles Kh-35, the propulsion system for which it released the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” said that the tactical missiles Corporation “has mastered production of new products — KH-35UE exclusively using domestic components”.

According to him, the flight range of KH-35UE compared with KH-35E “increased by more than twice the noise immunity is much higher”, and “a missile has an engine with increased fuel efficiency, the new passive-active homing”. “As for the industry of Ukraine, it has repeatedly proved its worth, and drop it from accounts is not necessary. There are people with a good education, have a systematic approach to solving problems. And as will be in practice in today’s environment — life will show” — said Obnosov.

In January the head of the tactical missiles Corporation said that the Corporation “Roscosmos” “no ruble, no spare”.

In December 2018 year, Ukraine experienced the first cruise missile (created Bureau “Luch” on the basis of Russian anti-ship missiles 3М24 complex of KH-35U) and upgraded anti-aircraft missile system s-125.

In November of the same year, Obnosov admitted that Western sanctions have an impact on the defense industry of Russia.

Revenue KTRV, where they were created, in particular, hypersonic missile complex “Avangard”, at the end of 2018 amounted to 231 billion rubles, net profit — 25 billion rubles. The company is one of the largest world suppliers of arms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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