The film about pedophilia Michael Jackson commented on the attacks of the family of the singer


The frame: the film “Leaving Neverland”

The Director of the documentary film about Michael Jackson Dan reed responded to the words of relatives of the singer, who called the film “Leaving Neverland” a public lynching. It is reported by the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.

The filmmaker believes that the family of the musician hardly looked at his work, as their application does not correspond to the content of the film. In addition, he noted that every time when someone plays the song of Michael Jackson, his family make a profit, so he is not surprised that they came to protect their property.

According to reed, it did not set ourselves the task to tell about the life of famous pop singer. The protagonists of his four-hour paintings are Wade Robson and James Savchak, telling about how their child was molested on the ranch of Jackson. The Director explained that sexual violence and its consequences are the Central theme of the film.

After the release of the film the relatives of Jackson called Robson and Savchuka false accusers, and expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the media believed the accusers, not the words “hundreds of families and friends all over the world who spent time with Michael”. In response, Reid said that the characters in “Leaving Neverland” is not received for any money, but added that does not doubt the veracity of their stories.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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