The FSB opposed the creation of a unified database of the detained Russians


Archived fotofoto: FSB Russia / RIA Novosti

The Federal security service (FSB) of Russia has opposed the creation of a unified database on detainees. On Tuesday, January 29, reported on the website of the Council on human rights (HRC).

Previously, the HRC made a proposal to create a unified base. However, the FSB felt that such a database will allow you to obtain information about defendants in Affairs of third parties. In addition, as noted in the secret service, with access to information about the detainees will be given to those who are interested in the outcome of criminal cases, including those implicated in crimes.

“Realization of the data can allow (…) to obtain information on the detention of suspects (accused) in criminal cases of treason or espionage,” said the FSB.

July 11, 2014, it was reported that Moscow can create a database of offenders arrested in 48 hours. This was stated by the head of the MIA Anatoly Yakunin. The intent of the police, it’s a novelty, despite the fact that the detainees are entitled to a phone call that was supposed to help families in the shortest possible time to know the whereabouts of their loved ones in case of their detention.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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