The girl with the memory loss many times forget the groom and again acquainted with him


Frame: Daily Mail / YouTube

After the accident the girl from Japan repeatedly losing her memory and forgot her fiance, however, he again became acquainted with her. This writes the website Oddity Central.

Nine months ago, 24-year-old Maruyama was on her bike and got hit by a car. Waking up after a coma, the girl did not recognize relatives and friends, including your boyfriend Whether Huahua, whom he had met two and a half years.

Lee had hoped that over time, Maruyama will be a memory, but two months after the accident she began to forget even what happened after waking up from a coma. Then, the memory loss became a daily. When the girl woke up in the morning, she didn’t remember any of what happened to her the day before, nor the people around her.

Planned wedding had to be cancelled, but not surrendered. Every day he told Maruyama about myself and showed her proof of their acquaintance. In addition, on the recommendation of a doctor she kept a diary, every day I reread it and restored the lost memories.

One day Maruyama advised to break up with her because of such a relationship will not work. Another time she asked him to marry her. “Because of amnesia, I have a chance to fall in love with him again and again, she said in an interview with Japanese TV. — No matter how many times I have lost my memory, sure I will love it again.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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