The new mother avenged nicknamed it fat ham


Photo: Katie Kiacz page in Facebook

Full American publicly humiliated the man, who did not want to sit next to her because of her weight. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Passenger airlines Delta Katy Kiaks flying from Orlando to Detroit, said that the man who sat beside her in the plane, called her a “200-pound” and asked the stewardess to change your seat.

Her experiences have recently become a mother, Kyaks shared in social networks. “My dear man, flying with me on the flight DL1733, you asked me how to 200 kg. As soon as I got on the plane, you turned to his friend with the words “this is not good”. When I said I had a baby, you just got up and went to ask the flight attendants to another place in the plane. I’m glad it was not” started Kiaks.

She also added that the rest of the flight, the man pretended that it simply does not exist. “Why am I writing this post? To get your attention. I do not exist to please you. I can take as much space as I need. I’m glad I sat next to you the entire flight, and regret that could not take up even more space in the cabin,” wrote Kiaks.

Her post became viral and got more than 85 thousand comments. Many users supported, Kyaks and agreed with her words.

In December 2018 24-year-old businessman Lewis Openshaw (Openshaw Lewis) posted a photo sitting next to him on the plane the passenger in Facebook and rudely made fun of her weight. He called the fellow traveler “a noble piece of fat” and “fat sweaty hairy man.” Netizens criticized Openshaw for rudeness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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