The Russian baby was poisoned by the cannabis parents, and was admitted to the intensive care unit


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

In Vladivostok one-year-old girl ate hashish and was in intensive care with a diagnosis of “poisoning by drugs”, according to the website of the interior Ministry in the Primorsky territory.

According to authorities, the day of the incident the child’s parents guests came, one of the guests brought a drug. I drank soft drinks, then retired to the balcony. Back in the room, the mother saw that the baby is a bag the hashish oil. Soon, the boy’s condition began to deteriorate, he called an ambulance. She was hospitalized in intensive care toxicology Department, now her life and health threatens nothing.

During the inspection of the apartment the police the drugs were found. Parents have passed a medical examination, which showed that mother had used marijuana.

In result, the older child was taken and sent to a social rehabilitation center for minors “Sail of Hope”. With parents held preventive conversation, the mother made administrative reports. The fate of the family will address the Department of custody and guardianship, Department of social welfare and the Commission on Affairs of minors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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