The Russians will eliminate the “evil” dairy products


Photo: Anton vergun / RIA Novosti

Dairy producers will be required to put on the packaging notes the absence in the composition of the milk fat substitute. This decision of the government on Tuesday, January 29 was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, published on the website of the Cabinet.

Now on dairy products with vegetable fats appear proactive label. Moreover, according to the decree, the shops will be required to place these products aside from natural dairy products. The need of the resolution of the government explained by the fact that the consumer needs to know the whole truth about the products to buy.

“Lately, in our industry widely used vegetable fats, this technology allows to increase the shelf life of dairy products, and reduce costs. That is, there has its advantages, but not always, these details are spelled out on the packaging and, let’s be honest, not everyone wants these products to buy,” said Medvedev, quoted by TASS.

The Prime Minister is confident that this decision will help small and medium enterprises, which produce natural products with a short shelf life. They are not always able to compete with large enterprises.

Earlier, on January 28, the Ministry of labor confirmed that he intends to expand the consumer basket of Russians. It will add more healthy foods, making its cost will increase by 30 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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