The story of friendship boy and bear-Savior confused zoologists


Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters

Salvation missing in the woods three years Casey Hathaway (Hathaway Casey), which became known on January 24, suffered a stormy discussion among zoologists. The boy said that helped him survive wild bear, prismatrivalsya him two days, reports The Guardian.

The researcher bears from the University of Montana Chris * * * (Chris Servheen) is convinced that the child invented a fairy tale as “wild bears don’t make friends with people.” “I have never known of such cases, bears do not behave that way”, he concluded.

He also stressed that “accuses the kid of lying”, and only explains the real scenario. According to his version, the child saw “things” in the woods, and he has a vivid imagination. Maybe Hathaway is a home toy — a Teddy bear, suggested the***.

According to him, animals are afraid of people in the wild, so the only reason the bear is coming to the subsequent attack. However, the black bears they do not attack people, said the researcher.

The * * * sure that the bear would spare the child, thinking he was lost and is in danger. Most likely, the bear would have smelled the smell of Hathaway and tried to avoid meeting with him, he concluded.

“We’re glad he found himself some comfort, said Sheriff David Macfadyen (David McFadyen) CNN. — He was in terrible conditions: the first night the temperature fell to minus six degrees, the next day the rain has gone”.

Boy preparing for examination of the psychologist, however, until the police give Hathaway a while to recover.

The three-year Casey Hathaway from American Craven County, North Carolina, disappeared on Tuesday, January 22. They searched for him with helicopters, drones, dog handlers and divers. Thursday, January 24, police found the boy in the woods on the island in the thorny bushes. Hathaway has some scratches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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