The tourist took out his guards and went on a cruise with someone else’s passport


Photo: Anita Turner

A British tourist has gone through several passport controls with the documents to his daughter, who’s younger than her 28 years. It is reported by The Sun.

58-year-old Anita Turner went on a cruise vacation with friends and only on the day of travel found that accidentally mixed up your passport with the passport of his daughter. Despite this, she decided not to cancel the tour and look to see if the guards mistake.

First, Turner was allowed to go on Board ship, EN route from Dover (England) to Calais (France). Substitution is not found and the border of Belgium. Anita thought that on the way back to England, the deception will reveal, but missed it there. According to her, English the guard even waved to her once carefully examined her picture in the passport.

“We could not believe it. We didn’t think I’d get away with it. If a country is so easy to prevent this, it’s just a joke. What happens to the world if I so easily can travel on the passport of my daughter?” — troubled Turner.

In October of 2018 family from UK are unable to go on a honeymoon because the dog chewed on one of the passports. Trip cost Daniel and TIA Farting four thousand pounds. They flew to Indonesia 16 hours, but immediately went home as employees of the airport and deployed them on the border due to a bad passport of Daniel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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