The US gave the opposition the Venezuelan control over the money of the country


Juan Guidotti: Rafael Hernandez / DPA /

Washington gave the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, speaker of the Parliament Juan, Guido access to some of the accounts of the Venezuelan government in us banks. This is stated in the statement of the US state Department on Tuesday, January 29.

Reported to control, can Guide assets in the accounts of the Federal reserve Bank of new York or any other banks with insured deposits. This is done in accordance with article 24V act Federal reserve system. We are talking about assets owned by the Venezuelan government or the Central Bank of the country.

Specifies that the Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on January 25 confirmed the right of Guide to obtain and control certain property.

“It will help the legitimate government of Venezuela to protect these assets for the good of the people,” said state Department spokesman Robert Palladino on his Twitter page.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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