Two old women crushed in the queue for a free meal


Kuala Lumpurthe: Vincent Thian / AP

In Malaysia, two elderly women died in a stampede coupons for free food. About it reports BBC News.

One of the markets in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, on Monday, January 28, organized the distribution of 200 free coupons for food for old people. Discounts timed for the upcoming new year according to the lunar calendar. In the pavilion, huddled more than a thousand people. According to the guard, the crowd were shouts, and people were pushing each other.

The 78-year-old Lo Aion Nan (Nang Law Ion) and 85 years And (Ah Poh), standing in line, started having problems breathing. Women lost his balance and fell, they were trampled by the crowd. Police found their bodies on the floor. The bodies were sent for examination.

A spokeswoman for the market said that in the crush suffered only four people. She added that people “climbed the queue, not listening to instructions and pushed”.

In January it was reported about a stampede in the Kursk because of the free candy. People crowded around the cars, which were handing out Christmas gifts, jostled and pushed back those who tried to get the sweets without the queue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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