United States tightened sanctions against Venezuela


Photo: Marco Bello / RIA Novosti

The US imposed sanctions against Venezuela. About it reports Reuters.

The US President Donald trump has signed a decree permitting to apply restrictive measures against the Central Bank of Venezuela and the state oil company PDSVA, and also against any person acting in the interests of Nicolas Maduro.

The U.S. Treasury has frozen the assets of PDSVA to $ 7 billion. Venezuela is permitted to sell oil to American companies, but the money will go to a frozen account. For a number of European and Caribbean countries also made exceptions that will allow for an appropriate transition from the import of Venezuelan oil.

In the United States against PDVSA will be removed when Venezuela will be headed by interim head of state, who Washington considers the leader of the opposition, Juan Guido or the future elected government that decides to fight corruption.

Maduro has commented on the imposition of sanctions in the broadcast Radio Miraflores. According to him, Washington wants to take away from the Venezuelan subsidiary, PDVSA — Citgo. he promised to take a full range of responses — political, legal and technical — to protect the interests of their country.

Earlier, the US called on the army of Venezuela to the side of the opposition. Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton cited as an example for others to follow military attache of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington Colonel Jose Luis Silva. The January 27, broke off relations with President-elect Nicolas Maduro and acknowledged head of the Latin American countries, Guido.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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