Weighing over six tons, the Australian was afraid of disease and twice as thin


Photo: Marnie Benney

Resident Australian Melbourne benny Marnie (Marnie Benney), weighed 138 pounds, spoke about how lost twice. Its history has shared information portal News.com.

Benny is about two years every week spent approximately 450 Australian dollars (21.3 thousand rubles) per week for a home delivery fast food, fish & chips and Chinese noodles and every day, drank three liters of soda without sugar. 47-year-old woman acknowledged that I hated myself for this lifestyle, but can handle negative emotions only with the help of sweets and fried.

“I missed Breakfast and lunch, and when I came home, my girlfriend and I ordered food from the restaurant and pig out,” she described their way of life. Benny started several times to go to the gym, Pilates and even enrolled in a camp to lose weight, but after a couple of sessions throwing workout.

The Australian admitted that they changed their way of life only after going to the doctor. The doctor explained to her that if she doesn’t start to play sports, then she’s about to have a heart attack or stroke, and may also develop diabetes.

During the first two months of training benny was not able to bend down and untie the laces on sneakers to step on the scales. Despite this, the coach all the time encouraged her and helped to remove their shoes. For 11 months she managed to lose 70 pounds. Soon she was able to run first marathon.

All those who wish to lose weight, advises benny to want it very much and enlist the support of loved ones. The woman said that he became happier and gained a love for myself.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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