Who wrote about “Chechen obshchak” of the scientist ceased to pursue


Alexey Casapata: Orpravo.org

The investigative Committee closed the criminal case on the incitement of hatred against an employee of the Institute of linguistics of the RAS Alexei Kassian for publication in the “Live journal”, reported in his Telegram-the lawyer of the “Open Russia” Sergey adamsin

As the lawyer noted, Kassian during the six months under house arrest, but in the end the case was closed for lack of evidence.

In October last year it became known that state examination found in the posts philologist signs of fomenting enmity towards Caucasians, Asians and Muslims. In particular, in 2014, when Kassian wrote that the money that Russia “gives to the Chechen obshchak” go on bribing judges; in 2015, when did the record “Mene nenavidet for forma nose”; and in 2016 — after writing about Gulchehra Bobokulov from Uzbekistan that killed four-year-old girl.

Kasian is one of the initiators of the project “Disservice Russian magazines” aimed at the exposure of journals from the list of the Higher attestation Commission, which deal with plagiarism and publish custom article.

Termination of criminal cases for pictures and reposts began after the signature of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin of the law “On amendments to article 282 of the criminal code”. According to the document, citizens should not be prosecuted for vicious statements and images, unless they pose a serious threat to the constitutional order and security of the state.

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