After the disappearance of the captain of the “Nord” in Ukraine opened a murder case


Photo: ARMA

After the loss of the captain, arrested by Ukrainian border guards of the Russian vessel “Nord” Vladislav Gorbenko investigated the murder case. This was reported by UNN with reference to the management of the National police.

The police asked the brother Gorbenko, after which it was openly a case of premeditated murder. Clarifies that this is standard procedure after the disappearance of man as the opening of the case for serious article allows investigators to conduct operational-investigative activities.

The speaker of the security Service of Ukraine Elena Gilanskaya said that information about the detention of the captain of counterintelligence no.

The disappearance Gorbenko said on January 28, his lawyer Maxim Mogil’nitskii. He said that the captain a few days not been in contact with relatives and advocates.

The Crimean fishing boat “Nord”, flying the Russian flag, was detained in the sea of Azov Ukrainian border guards in March last year. All 10 crew members have Russian passports, but Kiev considers them citizens of Ukraine. Sailors accused of “violating the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it” because the ship was at a port in the Crimea, which Ukraine considers its territory.

The ship’s captain was charged with “violating the procedure of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it with the purpose of causing harm to the interests of the state”, to it threatens till five years of imprisonment.

In April, two of the sailors returned to Russia through the territory of Belarus. On 30 October it became known that seven sailors “Nord” was exchanged for seven crew members of a Ukrainian fishing vessel “NMR-0041”, who was detained by border guards of the FSB in may.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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