Calling Russian terrorist sent to hospital in Norway


Photo: Norsk Telegrambyra AS / Reuters

A citizen of Russia, the perpetrators of the attacks in the Norwegian capital Oslo, forcibly sent to a psychiatric clinic. As informs television channel TV2, doctors suspected he had schizophrenia.

It is noted that the 20-year-old suspect was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward on January 28. “I have stated from the beginning that he was sick, and it only reinforces the assumption” — said the lawyer of the Russian Ula Lund. According to him, if it were not for the suspicions of the sanity of men, it would be in a survey is not sent.

In the security Police of Norway, in turn, pointed out that to establish the mental state of the Russians is extremely important for business. To comment on his hospitalization, the representative office did not.

Young man 17 Jan came to Norway via Sweden and the same day attacked. He back attacked the visitor to a grocery store in Oslo. The woman turned out to be arterial, spent several days in a coma and on a ventilator, said TV2.

After his arrest, the Russian-Muslim himself told the police that this was a terrorist act. He said that he wanted to kill more people — the Norwegians and the Europeans,because they have a good life. Arrested later changed his testimony. According to him, he felt bad, and in Norway came to rest alone.

In August in Berlin have arrested a Russian Magomed-Ali S., suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in Germany.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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