Chelyabinets tried to open the door and destroyed the apartment


Frame: STS-Chelyabinsk / YouTube

A resident of Chelyabinsk Alexey Chernov lost wall separating the staircase from his room in a communal apartment. This was reported on the website “STS-Chelyabinsk”.

The incident occurred when the man with the effort of trying to open a broken door to the apartment. According to neighbors, the wall was present long crack, but because of the pressure on the door collapsed pushing my concrete slab.

“So the bricks (,,,) fell, from this side somewhere away from the box, so things have fallen out there the inside — gives STS the words of one of the neighbors Alexey Chernov, Pavel Karasuma. — Computer, personal items [Chernov] moved to mother, where at the moment and lives, sleeps”.

According to Karasuma, Chernov is not included in the number of problem tenants. “He’s a normal person — doesn’t drink or smoke, the guests had little happen. Normal, adequate, sane guy. He was doing with his hands”, — quotes the edition of a neighbor, stating that the victim worked as a specialist in interior decoration of housing in one of the city companies.

In a management company (UK) home CTC said that the residents of the apartment, which collapsed five years do not pay utility bills. “In accordance with current legislation, all that is inside the apartment, inside the room is managed directly by the owner. Accordingly, he bears the burden of his property at his own expense,” — are reported words of the Deputy Director of UK Elena Arkhipova.

In 2018, the incident provoked by one of the occupants of the house collapse has occurred in the St. Petersburg high-rise building. The owner started them in repair, during which the builders have damaged the arched doorway of the building. This was the cause of the partial collapse of a structural column, a few apartments were deformed of the slab.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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