Europe has recognized its dependence on Russia


Photo: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

The European Union in the future will be forced to buy more gas from Russia, writes Die Welt. The reason — the growing need and falling own production.

The publication gives an example of several fields in Germany and the Netherlands, which reduce the production or even closed due to their unprofitability or ecologicheski. So, the field in the Dutch province of Groningen, which was commissioned in 1963 and served as a stimulus for economic growth in the country, will close by 2030 due to falling production volumes and a growing number of it has triggered tremors.

Opening across Europe, new field — for example, Denmark and Romania — are not able to meet the growing needs of the EU economy. They also contributed to the refusal of the German coal — in December there was closed the last coal mine. As a result, the difference between needs and own production is rapidly increasing, and the Netherlands to 2017 transformed from a net gas exporter to a net importer.

The possibility of external supply from Norway (not part of the EU) and Algeria are also not limitless. The most likely way out of the situation to date — the increase in imports from Russia, which recent years beats its own record for sales in Europe (in 2018 they accounted for 43 percent of exports).

The publication quoted the research Director at the European centre for energy and resource security (EUCERS) Frank Umbach. In his opinion, in the coming years, supplies from Russia will increase, especially given the large capacity of its fields (primarily Yamal) and the construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”.

Overall, however, the question is not so straightforward, says the expert: if in Europe competitors “Gazprom” almost there, on a global scale they can become USA. While their liquefied natural gas (LNG) more expensive than Russian natural, including due to the high demand from Asia. But the situation may change, and in this case in Europe ready for LNG terminals.

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