Facebook secretly paid users


Photo: Paul Sakuma / AP

Facebook secretly pays users $ 20 a month (about 1.4 thousand rubles) for using a VPN called Facebook Research that allows them to spy on, writes TechCrunch.

The publication revealed that in 2016, the company proposed to install an app for iOS and Android clients range in age from 13 to 37 years. Facebook calls the purpose of the program the audience survey, however, TechCrunch believes that the social network went on espionage as “desperately in need of data about your competitors.”

Using Facebook Research company gets almost unlimited access to personal customer data: pictures, videos, stories, search the Internet, downloaded apps on the smartphone, personal messages in social networks, emails, geolocation.

Experts point out that the actions of Facebook can exacerbate the relations between the social network and Apple, since Facebook Research violates the rules of the iOS platform. It is noted that CEO Tim cook has repeatedly criticized the practice of data collection Facebook. In August 2018, Apple has been removed from the App Store the other VPN service from Facebook is Onavo, which also collected almost all the data from smartphone users. Facebook Research uses part of the code Onavo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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