Family gatherings with the table game ended in a fight


Photo: Tim Brakemeier / DPA /

In the U.S. state of Kansas family gatherings with a Board game ended with a fight. About it reports Fox News.

On January 25 in one of the families of Kansas city about the dispute about the rules of the game “Monopoly”. One of the players had an argument with his cousin, and she last hit him and pushed him to the mirror. It broke, and the shards hurt the Wrangler.

The victim called the police, and the girl ran home before the arrival of the guards. The player was taken to hospital, where he had some stitches.

According to Sheriff Terry Zeigler (Terry Zeigler), yet no one was arrested.

Manufacturer of Board game Hasbro did not comment on the incident. In December 2016 in order to avoid family conflicts it opened a hot line on which it was possible to call the expert on the rules of the game and to resolve disputes.

The wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle was forced to abandon the game of “Monopoly” after marriage. The game is banned in the Royal family, as it provokes too many conflicts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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