Found a way to read deleted messages in WhatsApp


Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images

The interface features the popular WhatsApp messenger has allowed users to read the deleted contacts messages. On the way to bring back the missing messages told the tabloid the Mirror.

The recovery mechanism based on the backup feature correspondences that is built into the default app.

To read disappeared from the correspondence message, you need to remove WhatsApp from the device, and then install it again. In this case, the entire archive of the chat will be restored from backup to its original form and the app will not mark it as deleted.

This method works in the case if the copy was not upgraded (as a rule, this occurs automatically once a day at night) and the device has not rebooted. It is applicable to almost all devices.

WhatsApp allows users to delete messages within the hour after posting.

Previously, the service has imposed new restrictions on the sending of messages up to five times. Innovation is connected with the attempt to regulate mass mailings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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