Germany will tighten the allocation of millions of euros to the blockade of Leningrad


Photo: Vsevolod Tarasevich / RIA Novosti

The money that the German government has decided to allocate to the blockade of Leningrad, will not be paid individually. This was told to Deutsche Welle, the German foreign Ministry.

Reportedly, 12 million euros for the modernization of the veterans ‘ hospital and the establishment of the German-Russian meeting centre in St. Petersburg will take in the budget of the Ministry. At the same time to translate them will not at once but in parts. In 2019, this will be only 2 million, the rest will be allocated up to 2024.

In the first stage is to reconstruct the rehabilitation Department of the hospital that will benefit the victims of the blockade, say the diplomats. To do it count this year. While the foreign Ministry stressed that the mentioned amount has decided to allocate because the officials are focused on needs, which were discussed during negotiations with the authorities of St. Petersburg and the administration of the hospital.

To follow the project requested the Society for international cooperation (GIZ). It is, in particular, will see that all funds are used as intended and not fall into the hands of corrupt officials.

The German foreign Ministry on January 27 announced that the government will allocate 12 million euros. The decision is timed to the memorable date — 75 years ago today the city of Leningrad was completely liberated by Soviet troops from the blockade of the German Wehrmacht.

Earlier the journalist of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung Mrs. Herr Bigalke said that the anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad turned to Russia in celebration, although this event must be seen as a large-scale tragedy. In particular, the author wonders why in St. Petersburg organize a military parade. In her opinion, the event resembles the “dancing on bones”.

The siege of Leningrad lasted from 8 September 1941 to 27 January 1944 — 872 days.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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