In Japan, the first recognized gay couples


Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

In the Japanese city of Chiba Prefecture for the first time the country has officially recognized same-sex unions. It is reported by the newspaper Mainichi.

29 January in the village, the ceremony of issuing the special certificates confirming the relationship between not to conclude the marriage is officially people and non-traditional couples. The event was attended by six couples. The mayor of Chiba, Toshihito Kumagai wished them happiness.

The administration noted that the city entered in the system is a first in Japan. It does not provide the recipient of the certificate of the special statuses, but allows you to use various services and benefits available to ordinary families. In particular, they will now be able to apply to receive gozilla for couples. 56-year-old Ryuta Yanase, who participated in the ceremony also expressed hope that the certificate will help with visits to loved ones in case of their entering the hospital.

In order to obtain the document, applicants must meet certain requirements. In particular, they must be at least 20 years, they should not be married and already living or planning to live in Chiba, located about 40 km East of Central Tokyo.

It is noted that the implementation of the system in the Prefecture occurred after the adoption of similar solutions in other cities. So, to recognize same-sex unions intend in the Tokyo districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku, as well as Sapporo, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Same-sex marriage in Japan is officially not permitted. Mainichi emphasizes that because of this, gay couples face discrimination. In particular, people can not inherit property from a partner in the event of his death without a will and are unable to obtain tax benefits as citizens with traditional families.

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