Irish life sought his mother and found her in ‘ 73



Ireland’s 73-year-old woman for the first time in the age met with the birth mother. This publication reports The Mirror.

A resident of Dublin Pauline Jones (Pauline Jones) a baby was thrown to the orphanage in a Shoe box. Soon she was adopted, but the Irish for a long time did not know about this, considering family native. When Jones learned the truth, she was determined to find his own mother. However, over the years of searching were able to detect only distant relatives.

The woman did a DNA test two years ago. She hesitated with the procedure because I didn’t want to hurt the adoptive parents. Besides, Jones was very afraid that his mother will not want to talk to her. However, after much persuasion, children and grandchildren, passion for genealogy, she gave up. The decisive argument was their concern about the possible hereditary diseases.

Finally, in November of 2018, she found the 94-year-old Kathleen (Kathleen) and also met with his four relatives. Living in the house an elderly mother suffering from dementia, because the first two times it seemed that she did not understand what they say. However, on the third visit, she called John’s daughter. From newfound brother, she knows that at birth she was named Mary.

“We are so similar, that I already feared when I first met her. We even have the same gestures. Who would have thought that at 73 years old I find her” — said Jones.

Jones is very sorry that because of the condition of the mother may not know what caused that to abandon the child, as well as who her father is. Kathleen every time very happy to see her and asks his daughter to come often.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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