Late for the wedding, the groom ran six miles through the snow


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In India, the groom ran six miles through the snow to get to his own wedding. About it reports the local edition of Hindustan Times.

About 80 people were in a hurry to the celebration, which took place in the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, but due to the snow all the roads are blocked. The family decided to send those people on foot whose presence was necessary for the ceremony.

One of them was the groom REINISCH Karmachari (Rajnish Kurmachali). Along with several relatives, he travelled four miles through the drifts, not to be late for the wedding. The path was difficult, as the roads are covered with snow, said the groom’s brother Mr. Ashish Gairola (Ashish Gairola).

The wedding was supposed to be the head of the village Triyuginarayan (Triyuginarayan), but he was stuck in a traffic jam. “Those who managed to get all enjoyed the wedding, which took place without any problems,” he said.

District judge of the city of Rudraprayag (Rudraprayag) Manges Ghildiyal (Mangesh Ghildilyal) said that the day due to dangerous conditions on the roads was a high probability of having an accident. When he was told about Karmachari, who had to walk to the bride, he praised the man for a reasonable solution.

In November of 2018, reported the groom from the capital of India, new Delhi, who was shot during the wedding, but refused to interrupt the festivities. After the ceremony the man had to go to the hospital.

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