Love sex on the beach the tourists have ruined the island


Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Environmentalists accused the Horny tourists are damaging the national Park on the island of Ibiza. It is reported by The Sun.

According to geologists, the beach es-es cavallet in the Park of SES Salines is very popular among tourists naturists. Many travel sites recommend it for those who want to enjoy sex on the beach and stay unnoticed. However, as stated by scientists, this entertainment has damaged the unique geological system of the reserve.

“Free access to the beach led to the destruction of the structure of the sand dunes. Continuous sex is detrimental to their complex system,” — said biologist Joan Carles Palerm.

According to him, because of the actions of tourist dies of rare fragile plants, which are vital for the local environment. Their absence leads to the formation of empty spaces which penetrate the wind, causing sand dunes begin to decline.

The Professor also added that Ibiza is not the only place facing this problem. Many other beaches Spain also suffered from the lustful passions of travelers.

In December last year, the Danes secretly had sex on the top of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and captured it on camera. After they posted the video in the network, they act interested in the Egyptian authorities. Netizens did not appreciate the act of Danish tourists and considered them ill-mannered.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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