Maduro advised the imperialists to wait


Photo: Miraflores Palace / Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not going to hold new presidential elections before 2025, despite the ultimatum of the EU. He stated this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Maduro stressed that the elections were conducted legitimately and with observance of all constitutional norms. The requirement of the EU countries to hold a new vote, he considers the manifestation of neo-colonialism. “But who are they to decide here? I won 68 percent of the vote. (…) We do not accept an ultimatum from anyone in the world, do not accept blackmail. Presidential elections in Venezuela took place, and if the imperialists want new elections will have to wait until 2025,” — said the President.

The January 27 meeting of the UN Security Council, the representative of Venezuela officially rejected the ultimatum of the EU countries. The meeting was held on the proposed U.S. agenda. Russia has insisted on discussing foreign intervention in the Affairs of Caracas, it was supported by China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea.

26 Jan France, Germany and Spain stated that President Maduro is obliged in the near future to re – “a free, open and democratic” elections, or they recognize the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan, Guido head of the country. Later, the ultimatum was supported by the UK.

The speaker of the Venezuelan Parliament Joan Guido declared himself interim President of the country on 23 January amid mass protests. He immediately recognized the USA as well as Canada and most of Latin America. Russia, Iran, Belarus, Mexico and Turkey believe Maduro is the legitimate head of state.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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