Maduro spoke about plans trump to kill him


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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro believes that the American President Donald trump ordered the government of Colombia to kill him and take responsibility. This Venezuelan leader said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Donald trump gave the order to kill me, he said the government of Colombia, the Colombian mafia, so they killed me. If one day something happens, Donald trump and the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque will be responsible for everything,” said Maduro.

On the question of a possible new attempt at it, the President said that his fate “in the hands of the Lord,” and that its all the time protected by the intelligence service of the country.

29 January journalists drew attention to the entry in the Notepad of the national security adviser of the United States John Bolton, which he held in hand during the press conference. “Afghanistan is ready to talk, 5,000 soldiers in Colombia”, — such record was visible in one of the photos.

In August 2018, Maduro has tried to kill: attackers sent drones with explosives into the side of the stage on which he performed. In connection with the assassination attempt arrested two high-ranking military personnel.

January 21, in Venezuela, mass protests began. January 23, against the background of the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido declared himself interim head of state and called on Maduro to resign and hold new elections. It was supported by the United States, Canada, most Latin American countries, Israel, Australia. Russia, Iran, Turkey and Belarus have supported Maduro.

Maduro stated that the coup attempt are American policies. He also rejected the ultimatum of the European countries, demanded to hold new elections and threatened otherwise to admit, Guido head of state.

In 2018, the economic crisis in Venezuela has been the worst in modern history. Inflation reached 1.3 million percent in annual terms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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