Male a year and a half trying to get to the doctor, desperate and cured himself


Photo: David Woodhouse

A UK resident themselves removed the bad tooth, after waiting for the reception to the dentist in a year and a half. His story drew the attention of the newspaper the Mirror.

62-year-old David Woodhouse (David Woodhouse) from the English County of Cornwall for a long time unsuccessfully tried to get to the dentist. When Woodhouse decided that he no longer endure the pain, he pulled himself injure a tooth using pliers. “To remove the tooth was no problem, he said. — I needed treatment.”

According to the publication, the most common reason, which apply to public hospitals is directly related to dentistry. Some people have to wait more than three years to get insurance on a dentist.

According to the latest estimates, more than 48 thousand patients are in the waiting list for admission to hospital in the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

In April 2018, the British resident of Skegness independently removed from its silicone breast implants. Remove silicone at a private clinic would cost three thousand pounds sterling (about 260 thousand roubles). The woman could not afford such expenses and decided to cut it out without the help of doctors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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