Money Russians thought to send aid to Venezuela


Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

The Deputy of the State Duma, the head of Committee of the lower house of Parliament on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov said that Russian authorities were ready to consider restructuring of the public debt of Venezuela, using the money of Russian taxpayers. The people’s choice words leads RIA Novosti.

The Deputy noted that the authorities are ready to take such steps in the case that the Russian representatives will be invited as a mediator between the government and the opposition, which helps to overcome differences between the parties. “All this, of course, must be based on international law. And when in the course of this process, documented and signatures, all issues will be resolved, then you can consider restructuring aid and so on,” — said Aksakov.

He also reminded that Russia has granted Venezuela a significant funding, so the question of further aid should be considered separately. “We are here, of course, stand on the side of the legitimate government, but, as they say, friendship is friendship, and money separately. This is our taxpayers ‘ money, the money of our people, so naturally we have to use them wisely,” — said the Deputy.

Aksakov is assured that Venezuela has not previously been made of arrears on the public debt, although and requested additional assistance that Russia provided.

On Tuesday, January 29, Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak doubted that the authorities of the countries involved in a political struggle and crisis, will be able to repay debts to Russia. He admitted that problems with the payment of the debt will be. The closest tranche Venezuela must pay in March.

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