Mysterious toothy creature in the center of the city confused the British


Photo: James Maloney

In the UK, found an unidentified sea creature. It is reported by news portal The Liverpool Echo.

The skeleton of the big fish found on Monday, January 28, in the heart of the English district of Kirkdale, Liverpool. He has a long tail and a flat head with huge eyes and sharp teeth throughout the mouth.

According to the newspaper, strange creatures regularly encountered along the Merseyside coastline North of Liverpool, but Kirkdale this is the first reported case. Street where you found the “fish,” is within 1.6 kilometers from the nearest water source.

Some suggest that it could be a pike, and thrown to the ground by a gull or other predator.

In November of 2018 became aware of a strange sea creature in the picture that showed a resident of the new Zealand city of Christchurch. The creature had a long tail with two appendages on the sides of the wing claws and sharp teeth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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