Named the major debtors among the regions of Russia


Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

The number of regions that have public debt higher private income decreased for the year 2018 from seven to two. In an interview with TASS said the Director of Department of interbudgetary relations of the Ministry of Finance Larisa Eroshkina.

Now in the list of such regions include the Republic of Mordovia and the Kostroma region. Thus Kostroma oblast has reduced the national debt for 2018 and seven percent (1.5 billion rubles), and Mordovia, on the contrary, increased by 12 per cent (6.2 billion rubles).

For these regions has a specific mechanism of regulation: authorization of expenditures through the Federal Treasury and the prioritization of the payments on expenditure of revenues of the regions. The same mode is set in the Republic of Khakassia, which also reduced the size of the national debt and the volume of credit debt.

The Director of the Department said that was reviewed by the regional budgets for 2019 and recommendations for those who have found inconsistencies with prior commitments. Therefore, the reasons for concern and the chances for default regions Eroshkina sees.

“The heads of regions, with which agreements, analyze the parameters of debt follow financial discipline in the execution of the budget,” she said.

According to Erochkine, the state debt of regions for 2018 decreased by 4.7% (109 billion), including debt at market borrowing fell by 2.3% (28 billion).

In 2017, the largest contribution to the decline in the total debt has made Moscow (minus 27.5 billion rubles) and Chelyabinsk oblast (minus 12.9 billion rubles). However, their efforts were offset by debt of St. Petersburg (plus 21.1 billion rubles) and the Republic of Mordovia (plus 9.8 billion).

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