Named the safest country in the world


Photo: Michaela Rehle / Reuters

Global Finance magazine has released a ranking of the safest countries in the world in 2019.

Experts calculated a safety index for 128 countries. The rankings took into account the likelihood of a military conflict, crime and personal security of citizens, the level of economic development and the likelihood of natural disasters.

The top twenty safest countries entered the European States with a developed economy and a good health care system. First place in the ranking took Iceland. In second place was Switzerland, the third — Finland. In addition to the European countries in the twenty hit Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada.

Japan and the United States was only in the 43rd and 65th place, respectively, despite the high level of economic development. This is because in Japan increased the risk of natural disasters, and in the U.S. a low level of personal security due to the large number of violent crimes.

Russia ranked 108th place. The researchers explained that the country is more dangerous to the world community and is experiencing an economic downturn. In addition, Russia’s high level of crime.

The most dangerous countries in the world are Guatemala, Yemen and the Philippines.

23 Jan online service for travel Wegoplace published a report Solo Travel Safety Report 2019 with the most safe for single travelers countries in 2019. The leaders were Singapore, Norway, Iceland and Finland. The top five closes of Uzbekistan. The most unfavorable for travel acknowledged Venezuela, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

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