Reference bad tenants are horrified Russian family



In the Stavropol territory are searching for tenants who crushed someone else’s apartment. It is reported by the regional news Agency “Победа26”.

Guests of the family of eight — had left the room in a terrible mess, stole a sink from the bathroom, owe about 15 thousand rubles for utilities and tried to make amends with fake money.

Two-bedroom apartment in the Stavropol unscrupulous tenants passed family living in Pyatigorsk. To follow the tenants constantly the owners could not have arrived with the check just then when I found out about a serious debt for the “communal”.

Tenants, the owners not here so they moved out without warning. The owners were horrified by the condition of the apartment, the Agency said: the balcony was all covered with dog feces, the floors in the adjacent living room swelled, linoleum in the nursery were torn, and the walls are painted. In addition, the tenants smoked the kitchen, burned through one of the window sills and were taken from the bathroom sink.

The owners of the apartment, they left the “compensation” bill in the amount of five thousand rubles, which turned out to be fake. The owners are trying to contact former tenants, but they ignore phone calls.

In January of 2018 in the U.S. state of new York, the scandal over the mansion, which is rented through Airbnb. The man rented the house and made a party for several hundred people, despite the ban of the house owner. As a result, the house was virtually destroyed. The size of the damage, the owner estimated at 100 thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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