Revealed the future of US after applying.


Photo: David Broad / Wikimedia

Russian nuclear submarine drone (BA) Poseidon to flood the East coast of the U.S. it is expedient to blow in the Bermuda triangle, writes “Military-industrial courier”.

The author of the publication Choro Tukebaev describes the role of tsunami in the Earth’s life, in particular, the possible impact on the extinction of the dinosaurs, comparing the action of “Poseidon” with the events in the popular science film the Discovery channel.

“Compared to La Palma (Canary Islands), is considered as the tsunami source, target BA “Poseidon” is located in the Bermuda triangle, that is, not near Africa, and in close proximity to the East coast of the US,” writes the author.

In his opinion, after the tsunami caused by the “Poseidon”, “in the American continent will rule the roost single-celled organism, for which the riches of the Empire are of no value”.

In December Tekebaev proposed to expand the Gulf stream to the destruction of the United States.

In April 2018 in the UK called “Status-6” device “judgment day”.

In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin officially confirmed the existence of nuclear torpedoes. For the first time about the development of such weapons, originally known as the “Status-6”, first became known in November 2015. Underwater vehicle equipped with innovative nuclear power, able to move at super deep with unlimited range, is a weapon of mass destruction designed to destroy economic facilities of the enemy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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