Russia wanted stability near the moon


Photo: David McNew / Getty Images

Orbit, which the United States intend to establish an international lunar station Gateway, unstable, RIA Novosti reported the statement, the ballistic rocket-space Corporation “Energy” Rafail Murtazin.

“This is a very unstable orbit. So you’ll need to do maneuvers every round. Each round takes seven days. That is, within seven days you have to make two corrections. If you did not, then in ten days you leave this orbit,” — said the expert.

Alternatively, the ballistics offers to place the Gateway in a circular orbit with a height of ten thousand kilometers. “A high lunar orbit, maybe it will be better. It is also unstable, but it is predictable, and we have, at least, plenty of time to change,” said Murtazin.

According to him, such orbit would require two to three correction per year.

In September the General Director “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin stated that Russia will not participate in the international project of the lunar Gateway station on the sidelines. He added that a lunar station could be created in conjunction with the BRICS countries.

According to NASA plans, multi-modular space station Gateway will be in orbit with a minimum height of 4.5 thousand kilometers and a maximum height of 75 thousand kilometers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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