Surrounded by microphones Poklonskaya again became a meme abroad


Natalia Poklonskaya Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

Photo from the press conference Natalia Poklonskaya, made in 2014, has gained popularity on the largest imageborder Reddit. Users have found it amusing composition, in the center of which is surrounded by dozens of microphones Poklonskaya, and the sullen man next to a — no microphone.

Reddit users considered that the ideal to illustrate the problems of different genders. Then it began to be used to describe any situation in which one party fully attracted the attention, while the other is not interesting to anyone.

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The original picture was taken in March 2014, when Poklonskaya as Prosecutor of Crimea, commented on the murder of the military on the territory of the Ukrainian side in Simferopol. Reddit users found out a former Prosecutor that has gained popularity due to the pretty appearance. Some remembered her nickname — “nyash-myash”.

The photo has already appeared in the vastness of Reddit a few years ago. The site visitors noted in the comments that the photo is old and focused on the fun of the bleak man sitting next to Poklonskaya. “He looks unhappy with the lack of phallic objects in front of him,” said a user with the nickname sweArsAuCe. “It seems that he is forced to watch another movie [Zack] Snyder,” suggested the user DIA13OLICAL.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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