The creators of super Russia were “forced criminals”


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The creators of the Russian super-weapon “Dagger”, “Peresvet”, “Poseidon” and “Sarmat” with a “high probability” in their respective scientific research work (NIR) “some steps” were forced to use “dead souls or snowdrops”, write “Military-industrial courier” Vice-President of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences (raran), doctor of economic Sciences Valery Vikhrov and Vice President raran on information policy, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

“Undoubtedly, a violation of the law is a crime. But he needs to fit the realities of life, to help, not hinder, the development of the country. And if the law creates the conditions under which it for performing governmental orders have to bypass, this means that it requires a change not to correspond to its requirements. That is, its developers are either incompetent or malicious. And, too, must answer for it,” write the authors.

Thus the members of raran reacted to the arrests of major leaders of Russian research and development organizations, in particular, the chief designer of “OKB Simon” Alexander Gomzin and Deputy head of the Military Academy of the General staff of VS of Russia on scientific work of Sergei Charkova.

According to Vihrova and Sivkova, based on the allegations of these persons is the use of their “dead souls, or snowdrops”. According to the experts, they are “researchers, with high qualifications are included in the group of performers formally: participation in a specific project, usually do not accept.”

“At the end, when finally paid all the required funds, the portion that goes to the wage Fund (PAYROLL), is distributed among all the members of the working group, including the “snowdrops”. Passed the money in cash or via Bank card real participants research, most supervisors, and those according to the contribution of each, usually based on collective decisions, distribute earnings,” — says the experts.

In January it became known that the Ministry of justice of Russia proposed to punish officials for “forced corruption”.

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