The Director of “justice League” movie about the invasion of the living dead


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Director Zack Snyder and his wife Deborah will take for Netflix movie “Army of the dead.” It is reported by the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot takes place in Las Vegas, where there was a zombie invasion. The main character decides to gather a group of mercenaries and embark on a perilous area to commit a big robbery.

It is noted that the work on the project started in 2007. According to the source, the budget of the action may reach $ 90 million. On the eve of the filming, which will begin in the summer, Zack Snyder said that he was delighted, as, according to him, in the making of this film it restricts nothing.

The Director noted that he sees a zombie movie the opportunity to prove themselves. He promised that he would try to do something “funny, epic, crazy and insane in the best possible way”. In addition, according to the filmmaker, the last time he again became interested in photography and thanks to a new project to work with the camera.

In September 2017, Snyder released a Noir short film “Snow, steam, and iron”, the creation of which he left a few days. For shooting, he used the iPhone.

Zack Snyder is an American film Director, screenwriter and producer. He is known for works such as “justice League”, “300”, “Watchmen”, “legend of the guardians”, “man of steel” “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” and “dawn of the dead”.

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