The doctor came up with a way to keep drunks from the ridiculous tattoos


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Australian plastic surgeon urged the authorities to prohibit tattoo parlors to tattoo drunk clients. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Dr. Leita Burnout (Laith Barnouti) from Sydney stated that he was tired to take ridiculous pictures. “A lament tattooing drunk, when you do not understand what they are doing. They just went to a tattoo parlor on Saturday night after a few drinks, considering a tattoo an excellent idea,” said the surgeon.

He also said that for the procedure a tattoo removal it takes from 150 to 450 USD, depending on workload. “Some of them impossible to remove with a laser. They require surgery that leaves a scar,” warned the doctor.

Burnouti proposed to introduce the three main conditions that will have to comply with anyone to get a tattoo. First, to be sober. Second, to provide the tattoo artist written consent to the drawing. Third, to 48 hours to “change your mind”, before making a final decision to get a tattoo.

According to the doctor, these rules will reduce the risk of Contracting infections in salons, will reduce the number of unwanted tattoos, and also saves money drunk customers.

In October 2018 member of the Turkish TV shows Zuhal Topalla Azerbaijani woman Called Mila wanted to get a tattoo with the inscription in English. However, neither Called Mila and her tattooist did not know the language. In the end, on the right side of a 26-year-old girl from the ribs to the knee appeared absurd phrase correctly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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