The mother accidentally gave the stash son with rubbish



A resident of the U.S. state of Georgia Lindsey Preuss (Lindsey Preiss) accidentally sent to the secondhand store mug old son, which lay in the thousands of dollars. This publication reports Newsweek.

A few weeks ago at the weekend a woman was cleaning and decided to disassemble the Cabinet with old junk. In one of the boxes she found a children’s marching son mug with a picture of Mickey mouse. Preuss did not look inside, found bought about 20 years ago, the thing is junk and donated it to the secondhand store of a nonprofit organization Goodwill Industries, which helps homeless people.

Thursday, January 24, to visit her arrived the 27-year-old son Devon Sylvie (Devon Silvey) and began to search all over the mug. When the man learned of the deed to his mother, he began to panic. As it turned out, he kept it 6,5 thousand dollars (429,6 thousand) received from the sale of an old car. American recently found a new job, and he did not have enough time to take the money to the Bank.

“She thought I was upset because of the loss of the mug. Well, I miss you too, but more by its important content,” he told journalists Sylvie. Preuss also said that he feels “the worst mother in the world”.

The woman went to the store, but the staff was unable to locate a mug. According to them, it’s probably already sold, not checking the contents. Preuss asked potential buyers to “make the right choices and to return the mug owner.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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