The name of the new danger of the frequent use of alcohol


Photo: Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Scientists of Rutgers University (USA) found that excessive alcohol consumption and chronic alcoholism cause permanent changes in gene activity. As a result of the man there is an even greater craving for alcohol. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Experts have studied the genes involved in the regulation of behavior: PER2 and POMC. The first is responsible for the biological clock of the body, and the second generates the stress response. The study involved moderate drinkers and people who consume significant amounts of alcohol (defined as drinking), and alcoholics. The researchers compared the degree of methylation of PER2 and POMC in these groups. In methylation, a form of epigenetic regulation, DNA joined the methyl group, which alters the activity of genes.

It turned out that when drunkenness and alcoholism there is an increased level of methylation suppressing genes and reduce the rate at which those genes produce proteins. The more a person consumed alcohol, the stronger was the change. In addition, after viewing the pictures, depicting a stressful situation, people with the craving for alcohol experienced a greater desire to drink.

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