The star of the show “Empire” had been beaten by homophobes and racists


Dzhussi, Molletphoto: Dennis Van Tine / ZumaPress /

The star of the show “Empire” Dzhussi by Smollett was hospitalized following the attack of hate. It is reported portal TMZ.

According to the actor, about two o’clock in downtown Chicago he was attacked by two white males in ski masks, shouting: “This is a country MAGA”. The acronym stands for Make America Great Again and translated into Russian language means: “let’s Make America great again.” This expression was the campaign slogan of US President Donald trump.

The attackers broke Smolett edge tried to strangle him, poured bleach on him.

As noted ThatGrapeJuice.Net in the Chicago office of the Fox Studio, which produces the TV series “Empire”, came a letter with threats: “You will die, black *** [motherfucker]”. Source portal TMZ reported that the message was sent eight days before the attack.

In a press release sent to the newspaper USA Today, the chief of police in Chicago Anthony Guglielmi said that the incident will be investigated as a crime committed motivated by hate. Also Guglielmi confirmed that the attackers shouted racist and homophobic slogans.

The show “Empire” aired on Fox in 2015. In the center of the plot is fictional family hip-hop dynasty and their company Empire Entertainment. It is noted that the project started with a completely African-American cast.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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